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    Smart Solutions for Industry 4.0

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Smart Factories

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Smart Controls

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Smart Analytics

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Smart Mobility

As smartphones have gained in popularity, these handheld devices are changing how we travel and how we live our day-to-day lives. With an app for almost everything, mobile phones have a very large impact on daily lives as well as businesses. They provide greater accessibility all over the world, as well as improving internal business communication and marketing strategies. These also lead to enhancing the customer experience and increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Process Safety

To ensure a safe and healthy workspace, it is important for each business organisation to implement guidelines for process safety that proactively identify, evaluate and mitigate or prevent situations that could result in failures of process, procedures or equipment. Without detailed policies and efficient employees working towards monitoring and managing systems, the risk of a major accident and its consequences increases sharply.

Data Security

With the Internet making the whole world a small village and all business being handled online through various electronic devices, data security has become a major issue for business and organisations today. The first step to ensuring your business data is safe is to start with a risk assessment which identifies various risks and what would happen if data is lost. The next step is to prioritize and secure data depending on criticality of the data and the system. In this world of cybersecurity risks, it is important to be up-to-date with security tools and privacy enhancements that safeguard the most important asset of a business- its data.

We provide SMACT solutions

Over time, the manufacturing process has transformed from a local industry into a highly automated and connected operation across locations with diversified supplier & consumer ecosystem. As a result, product lifecycles continue to shrink, and manufacturing costs are surging because of high cost of machines & their maintenance, regulatory compliances and so on. We at BJS INFOTECH, have started our journey to enable manufacturers to take up the Digital Transformation journey in line with Industry 4.0 themes which helps manufacturing companies use technology to move from mass production to customized production at a rapid pace. This solves the industrial challenges though a combination of leading edge technologies in Applications, Embedded Systems and Business Processes including Change Management experience to increase adaptability for the change. Mission - Enable Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Organizations for Industry 4.0 Revolution.


Smart, Light and Adaptive

Based on latest innovations in Technologies like Edge Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing and IoT enabled PLCs, we have created a suite of Solutions & Services for ‘Smart Factory’ Transformation Journey. Our Solutions are based on Open Source Platforms to address Cost constraints & RoI considerations of Manufacturers. Digital Transformation Solutions Autonomous Machines & Smart Gateways enabling Smart Production Assembly Lines Automated Inventory Management Business Advisor Smart Plant Premises (Energy & Physical Security Management) Worker Safety Digital Operator (Smart Learning, Expert Connect) Services enabling Digital Transformation Journey Application Development & Maintenance for Sales Outreach, ERP, HRM, PLCs for Machines & Custom-Build Apps (both Open Source & Commercial Packages) Analytics Applications Implementation for Decision Makers Change Management Process Implementation for success of any Transformation Initiative Data Security Framework Implementation Let us know your Pain Points around which you are thinking for a Solution, we will create it with appropriate mix of People, Process & Technology.

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